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It's Banryu. *hearteye emoj😍“
Am i the only one who ship both of them? 
Hahaha. okay let's back to the topic.
So my entry today is about post Chinese Cultural Night last 2 weeks.
As a 1st year student, we would be joining the performance. 
So during audition, my first choice obviously wushu since dancing emcee poetry not my thing. 
So the choice that left only wushu and drum and sketch. 
And i got into wushu yeayy 😂 and in wushu we also had audition for fist and weapon. 
And i got 长拳 or long fist,while for weapon i got 扇子 or fan. 
So we've been training for the past 3 month with 1 month intensive training.
Not gonna lie, it was the toughest time. All of us got knee pain, bruises and some got into emergency because of smooth muscle injury.
I remember the last 2 weeks before CCN me and my teammates for fist were asking for offday because we were too tired, muscle fatigue. 
Finally the day we all were waiting for which was CCN, 😂 

 Okay this picture was taken backstage after all done with make up. 
This were the whole wushu team for 1st year. Awesome isn't it? LOL

This was when we decided to take picture of our shoes. O(∩_∩)O

While for this one, my teammates for fist or 拳套. 

 This picture is my roomates. 

This one was final pose for fist. 
While this one was during the weapon. 

This one for a real big ending pose for all weapon. Can you find me? lol
This part was my favourite out of all, where we got to shout 杀 or kill, look so cool though. HAHAHA

And the most exciting part was my best friend from sabah came.
Coincidentally she practical in Kelantan, then I asked her to come.

 Both of them were my primary school friends❤

 This is my weapon teammates with seniors. I can finally do split already yeayyy 🎉

Get into wushu is a pleasure for me, 
I get to do something I never did before. 
And honestly I never see myself in wushu and at first I was wondering whether I can do or not.
CCN definitely indeed a wonderful, amazing night. Words can describe how I felt. 
Thank you to all seniors who spent their time to teach and guide us from nothing to something. 
Indeed an unforgettable memories. ❤