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Hello earthlings. :)



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Happy New Year

It's 2017 already, can you believe it? Time really flies so fast. 
The reason I haven't post anything for quite long time is I don't know what to write< 
HAHAHA sorry about that.

 It's the end of semester 1, quite proud i can survived though. :P
Just done with the exam last week, everything was such a mess. 
The struggle though, I have to reduce my time to sleep just to remember the notes, 
and when u thought u already done reading all your notes, and then you realized you forgot what you read before. I remember 2 weeks before exam, I already felt like giving up, called my dad and cried for the whole 30 minutes babbling i can't finish my notes, what if i failed my exam, how to finish the notes. But luckily i can finished my notes. Too much to study in a short period. 
Thats happen when you do things last minute HAHAHA
Get into medical school making me realized how dumb am I and how I only knew a little bit of medical knowledge and there still a lot to learn throughout the 5 years. 
. But hopefully my result going to be okay. :D
I only have 2 weeks of holiday :(( and then semester 2 kick in.

Oh ya, i did something to my hair which quite against the rule HAHAHAHA
I actually want to dye my hair with dark chocolate but it turned out to be this colour

im so dead right now HAHAHA
just hoping that the lectures won't comment anything on my hair. 
*finger cross*
It quite a fresh look for me which i love it but yeah hopefully they won't ask me to dye it back to black colour. 
I think that's all for today's entry, will update it later. Byeee. 
Have a nice day :)