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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Hello :) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 
It was my first time to join the celebration of mid autumn festival in Kelantan and it was quite fun.
At first, we didn't brought the umbrella bcs the weather forecast stated that it's not going to be rain.
Right after we arrived at the temple and it's already raining. HAHAHA

This picture was taken in front of Nurani right before we went to the temple.
While waiting the rain to stop, we had our dinner.
and eventually the rain didnt stop.

Right before the event start.

My lantern was the pink colour one

It was quite fun bcs we walked in the rain. Terasa mcm mandi hujan. HAHAHA
In the end of the celebration, got some lucky draw and for the first time in my life my number kena sbut.
U know that feeling kan HAHAHA
Anyway that's all for today entry.
Thanks for those who read :)