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Hey. I'm back!!!
It's been a long time since the last time I updated my blog and it's kinda outdated for my layout haha, will update it sooner, stay tuned :).

As you can see, I deleted all of my entry before and I want to start a new page of my life *konon la* haha. So, I recently finished my study at Labuan Matriculation College. One of the hardest year of my life. Well, I didnt have much choice to pursue my study since I only got the offer for matriculation and yeap, no offer from UPU. 

Finally the hell week aka orientation week was here, and it was better than what I thought except for the sound of the alarm that woke you up early in the morning. The facilitators were all kind, they never punished us even though we were late and believe it or not, they actually let us sleep early around 10pm or 11pm. Brace yourself if you're going to be one of LMC's student since the Dewan Rafflesia is not as big as it's name. You will have to hear this word "COMPRESS" again and again. Seriously macam ikan bilis you know when you have to fit all 1000++ student in a hall with all those heat gahh, you will experience it yourself. 

Tipu la kalau cakap life as a matriculation college student is easy, especially for those PST. You have such a short time to cover a lot of things. Better pay attention during lecture and consult the lecturer asap if you didnt understand. And  all of those experience are priceless. Enjoy it while you still can. At first, all you can think is bila cuti nie or bila mau habis matriks nie but at the end of your semester, you will eventually feel sad that you finally have to leave your friends. For my batch, after physics paper, majority of the students went to take pictures under the sakura trees, it's not exactly sakura, it just look like sakura. I dont know if it's true, i heard it from a senior, she said that the sakura tree berbunga every year during the end of the semester 2. It seems like the sakura trees also bid their farewell to us. I'm currenty enjoying my life by doing nothing. So yeah that's all for this entry. Feels good to be back.