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Hello earthlings. :)



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The end of first year journey.

Hi 😃
It's the end of my first year journey to degree. 
Time flies so fast, currently is my 2nd week of 2nd year. *cant believe it*
I passed my 2nd semester exam 😃😃 and just finished my 2 month holiday.
Since I also dont know what to write, so
Let's throwback some photos from my first year.

This was when my community service, we went to a village and perform a circumcision,
but of course not we la, we just assisted the doctor and the medical assistant.
It's a new experience for me 

Have to censored the below bcs can see the patient's leg, sorry guys. 😀

This one was when we were having our one day posting.
My group got emergency posting and it was fun walking around the wards, 
learning to take blood pressure, observing the doctor pass over the patient information when their shift was over. 

Spot me! 

That's all, sooo it's quite challenging for me but if i have another chance, 
i will still choose to become a medical student life is not life when there's no challenging things waiting ahead of you. cheers for second year and hope I pass my professional exam. 😃


It's Banryu. *hearteye emoj😍“
Am i the only one who ship both of them? 
Hahaha. okay let's back to the topic.
So my entry today is about post Chinese Cultural Night last 2 weeks.
As a 1st year student, we would be joining the performance. 
So during audition, my first choice obviously wushu since dancing emcee poetry not my thing. 
So the choice that left only wushu and drum and sketch. 
And i got into wushu yeayy 😂 and in wushu we also had audition for fist and weapon. 
And i got 长拳 or long fist,while for weapon i got 扇子 or fan. 
So we've been training for the past 3 month with 1 month intensive training.
Not gonna lie, it was the toughest time. All of us got knee pain, bruises and some got into emergency because of smooth muscle injury.
I remember the last 2 weeks before CCN me and my teammates for fist were asking for offday because we were too tired, muscle fatigue. 
Finally the day we all were waiting for which was CCN, 😂 

 Okay this picture was taken backstage after all done with make up. 
This were the whole wushu team for 1st year. Awesome isn't it? LOL

This was when we decided to take picture of our shoes. O(∩_∩)O

While for this one, my teammates for fist or 拳套. 

 This picture is my roomates. 

This one was final pose for fist. 
While this one was during the weapon. 

This one for a real big ending pose for all weapon. Can you find me? lol
This part was my favourite out of all, where we got to shout 杀 or kill, look so cool though. HAHAHA

And the most exciting part was my best friend from sabah came.
Coincidentally she practical in Kelantan, then I asked her to come.

 Both of them were my primary school friends❤

 This is my weapon teammates with seniors. I can finally do split already yeayyy 🎉

Get into wushu is a pleasure for me, 
I get to do something I never did before. 
And honestly I never see myself in wushu and at first I was wondering whether I can do or not.
CCN definitely indeed a wonderful, amazing night. Words can describe how I felt. 
Thank you to all seniors who spent their time to teach and guide us from nothing to something. 
Indeed an unforgettable memories. ❤

Happy New Year

It's 2017 already, can you believe it? Time really flies so fast. 
The reason I haven't post anything for quite long time is I don't know what to write< 
HAHAHA sorry about that.

 It's the end of semester 1, quite proud i can survived though. :P
Just done with the exam last week, everything was such a mess. 
The struggle though, I have to reduce my time to sleep just to remember the notes, 
and when u thought u already done reading all your notes, and then you realized you forgot what you read before. I remember 2 weeks before exam, I already felt like giving up, called my dad and cried for the whole 30 minutes babbling i can't finish my notes, what if i failed my exam, how to finish the notes. But luckily i can finished my notes. Too much to study in a short period. 
Thats happen when you do things last minute HAHAHA
Get into medical school making me realized how dumb am I and how I only knew a little bit of medical knowledge and there still a lot to learn throughout the 5 years. 
. But hopefully my result going to be okay. :D
I only have 2 weeks of holiday :(( and then semester 2 kick in.

Oh ya, i did something to my hair which quite against the rule HAHAHAHA
I actually want to dye my hair with dark chocolate but it turned out to be this colour

im so dead right now HAHAHA
just hoping that the lectures won't comment anything on my hair. 
*finger cross*
It quite a fresh look for me which i love it but yeah hopefully they won't ask me to dye it back to black colour. 
I think that's all for today's entry, will update it later. Byeee. 
Have a nice day :)

UNIMAS, UMK, UMS, and USM medicine interview 2016


So today entry is about my experiences during medicine interview.
Maybe useful for someone who is going to interview soon. 4 choices and i choose UMS, UNIMAS for medic course while UKM for forensic science since I love forensic and lastly UMK for veterinary medic. I got 3 interview and unfortunately I didn't got the course that I loved the most. Mostly matrics students came for the interview and fews STPM and foundation students.

And for USM and UM, need to apply separately from UPU, and I got USM interview for medic. Out of the four interview, USM interview was the most relax one for me bcs the concept of the interview was based on MMI (multiple mini interview). It's group interview, not a group discussion. During my time, there were 5 active station and 3 passive station. It was quite relaxing for me bcs we only have to face one interviewee, and it'll reduce you "nervousness" haha. Out of 5 station, there were only 2 station to test our science knowledge during my time. The sample question was like
  1.          You saw your friend cheating during exam, what will you do? Your friend’s family is poor and her mother is hoping that your friend will get into university. Your friend was so desperate to pass the exam and to get into university.
  2.       There was a statement, and you have to explain it to the interviewee what the passage was about. Your neighbor has to undergo the surgery and she didn’t know what to do since she can’t under stand the passage. You as the neighbor, you have to explain to the aunty what to do and where to go. The interviewee act as the aunty.
  3.     Explain what the specific field in medicine.
  4.       Tell us your strongest point and what the biggest challenge that you had overcome.

During my time, only one station required to speak fully in English and one station to speak fully in Malay and the rest it was up to you want to answer in Malay or English.

While for the UMK's interview, the interviewees first will ask you to introduce yourself and then they only ask simple questions such as :
why do you choose veterinary medicine?
why do you choose UMK instead of UPM?
Family background
Animal diseases
During my time, they asked me "do you think that animal disease can infect a human?" And I said yes, the disease such as rabies and they also told me that ringworm is also one of the disease that can be transfer from an animal to a human. If you choose vet, then I suggest you to do some research on the animal diseases for preparation and don’t forget to read about euthanasia.Quite famous question to ask if you google it.

While for UNIMAS, I had to travel alone from Kota Kinabalu to Miri since they only held their interview at Sarawak and it was quite intimidating since it was my first time to travel alone across the state. Since I didn't know the places, I had to book hotel online and took taxi from the airport. The were morning and afternoon session for the interview and I was in the morning session interview and also the second last person for the morning session. Felt tired eventhough I just sat there waiting for my turn. When I entered the interview room, there were 2 interviewees. The first thing to do is to greet them then they will ask you to take a seat. During my time, they asked me to introduce myself and asked what courses I choosed in the UPU, why choose medicine. and since I choose both medicine and veterinary medicine they told me that those two thing are different and they asked what exactly I want to be whether a human doctor or the animal doctor because it’s basically different. They were giving me advice and I thought the interviewees were so friendly.

Lastly for the UMS, the first day we were required to come to their medicine faculty to take the aptitude test and they were like 60 peoples during my time. After answering the test, I went back to hotel and during afternoon, I got a call from UMS for the interview for the next day. This year aptitude test, they didn’t choose who passed the exam, they called back all the candidates since tidak ramai. The interview was different from the other university, it was a group discussion kinda like MUET speaking. My group consists of 5 person and 4 person were Chinese and the other one was Malay, all from matrics. There were 3 room in total which mean we have to discuss 3 topics. In each room, they were 2 questions which in two different colour paper, it’s up to us but of course they cover the questions, discuss with your team and tell the interviewee which paper you choose. The sample questions:

1.         Convince a patience to take his medicine since he don’t want to take his medicine as his illness became worse.
2.      You and the other participants were climbing the Mount Kinabalu and two of them were injured, one of them has altitude sickness. There is one participants who insist he want to climb up alone to finish the race. This question was asking your opinion on what to do.

To conclude all of this, it’s kind of fun since this was my first interview. I had to travel alone from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu to Sarawak, and it makes me more independence I guess HAHAHA. It’s normal to be nervous but as you started to talk, you will become more relax and don’t panic as this will make you forget everything you had learn. Well I’ve done my best hopefully all my hard work pay off. 

Edited: I got offered by USM and I almost finish my second year. Hard works did pay off, so to anyone who read this, just do your best and let God do the rest.