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Hello earthlings. :)



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It's Banryu. *hearteye emoj😍“
Am i the only one who ship both of them? 
Hahaha. okay let's back to the topic.
So my entry today is about post Chinese Cultural Night last 2 weeks.
As a 1st year student, we would be joining the performance. 
So during audition, my first choice obviously wushu since dancing emcee poetry not my thing. 
So the choice that left only wushu and drum and sketch. 
And i got into wushu yeayy 😂 and in wushu we also had audition for fist and weapon. 
And i got 长拳 or long fist,while for weapon i got 扇子 or fan. 
So we've been training for the past 3 month with 1 month intensive training.
Not gonna lie, it was the toughest time. All of us got knee pain, bruises and some got into emergency because of smooth muscle injury.
I remember the last 2 weeks before CCN me and my teammates for fist were asking for offday because we were too tired, muscle fatigue. 
Finally the day we all were waiting for which was CCN, 😂 

 Okay this picture was taken backstage after all done with make up. 
This were the whole wushu team for 1st year. Awesome isn't it? LOL

This was when we decided to take picture of our shoes. O(∩_∩)O

While for this one, my teammates for fist or 拳套. 

 This one pula my roomates. All pretty one and still single you know 😉

This one was final pose for fist. 
While this one was during the weapon. 

This one for a real big ending pose for all weapon. Can you find me? lol
This part was my favourite out of all, where we got to shout 杀 or kill, look so cool though. HAHAHA

And the most exciting part was my best friend from sabah came.
Coincidentally she practical in Kelantan, then I ajak her to come.

 Both of them were my primary school friends❤

 This is my weapon teammates with seniors. I can finally do split already yeayyy 🎉
 This was one of the photobooth. Isn't it look just nice?
Sakura with the fan? Perfect combination HAHA

The last one was my long fist teammates with seniors. 
Get into wushu is a pleasure for me, 
I get to do something I never did before. 
And honestly I never see myself in wushu and at first I was wondering whether I can do or not.
At last, I can do. You just have to have faith in yourself and everything is possible.
CCN definitely indeed a wonderful, amazing night. Words can describe how I felt. 
Thank you to all seniors who spent their time to teach and guide us from nothing to something. 
Indeed an unforgettable memories. ❤


Hello guys, 
2nd update this week.
Counting days to my birthday, yeayyy. 
So since im going back to kunak tomorrow, my mum decided to celebrate my birthday early. 
And the sad thing is im going back to USM on my birthday, it sucks yaw u have to spend your birthday on the airplane.

My mum, lil brother and me. The funny thing is im wearing exact same shirt during last year celebration, I didnt plan it i swear HAHAHA. Coincidence maybe?

This was my 20th birthday cake. lol, the cake was kinda plain. and my dad put the orange on top of the cake to make it more interesting and indeed it make the cake more cantik xD HAHAHA. 

 Me holding the happy birthday love shape lol. Cheers to last few days of being a teenager. 
Thanks mum and dad for the celebration. Love you both<3
And guess what? Great things not always happen on your birthday.
I've quite unforgettable 20 years old birthday  HAHAHA
1st was i was going to spend half of the day at airport.
2nd was my luggage can't check in due to late arrival to airport.
HAHAHAHA, u imagined that feeling arrived at airport with your luggage,
and the officer said you're late, it already closed.
Being myself, i almost cried and my dad explained la to the officer and luckily she wanted to help us
But she can't guarantee that my luggage would arrived as same time as my arrival. If haven't arrived, need to go report.
And i asked my friends to fetch me from airport and i pity them la they have to wait for long time since i've to wait for all the luggage then proceed to the report missing luggage procedure.
After done with the report, my luggage arrived on that night but was on the flight and the company didn't inform me. The next morning in class, I couldn't even focus in lecture thinking about my luggage. Then I called them, baru they told me that my luggage arrived last night last flight. LOL

Okay back to the story, my friends fetch me and we go eat.At least forgot about my luggage for a while.
Then after went back to room, my roomates heran why I didnt have my luggage. HAHAHA
I go took shower and shortly after that my chinese coursemates knocked on my door singing happy birthday with 2 small cakes and a birthday card.
I was very touched that I cried a bit HAHAHA, who didn't cried if you actually had kind of rough day and in the end of the day, your friends came and suprise you with cake.
If you guys happen to read this, i want to thank you for making my day better. So grateful to have you guys as my coursemates and roommates. ❤ Thank you so much.

This is me and najiha who was happen to be on the same flight to KL. 

These are  my ging karasss.

This was what my course mates bring me, Thank you so much guys ❤❤

le roomates.
So that's all for today entry. Have a nice day.

Happy New Year

It's 2017 already, can you believe it? Time really flies so fast. 
The reason I haven't post anything for quite long time is I don't know what to write< 
HAHAHA sorry about that.

 It's the end of semester 1, quite proud i can survived though. :P
Just done with the exam last week, everything was such a mess. 
The struggle though, I have to reduce my time to sleep just to remember the notes, 
and when u thought u already done reading all your notes, and then you realized you forgot what you read before. I remember 2 weeks before exam, I already felt like giving up, called my dad and cried for the whole 30 minutes babbling i can't finish my notes, what if i failed my exam, how to finish the notes. But luckily i can finished my notes. Too much to study in a short period. 
Thats happen when you do things last minute HAHAHA
Get into medical school making me realized how dumb am I and how I only knew a little bit of medical knowledge and there still a lot to learn throughout the 5 years. 
. But hopefully my result going to be okay. :D
I only have 2 weeks of holiday :(( and then semester 2 kick in.

Oh ya, i did something to my hair which quite against the rule HAHAHAHA
I actually want to dye my hair with dark chocolate but it turned out to be this colour

im so dead right now HAHAHA
just hoping that the lectures won't comment anything on my hair. 
*finger cross*
It quite a fresh look for me which i love it but yeah hopefully they won't ask me to dye it back to black colour. 
I think that's all for today's entry, will update it later. Byeee. 
Have a nice day :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Hello :) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 
It was my first time to join the celebration of mid autumn festival in Kelantan and it was quite fun.
At first, we didn't brought the umbrella bcs the weather forecast stated that it's not going to be rain.
Right after we arrived at the temple and it's already raining. HAHAHA

This picture was taken in front of Nurani right before we went to the temple.
While waiting the rain to stop, we had our dinner.
and eventually the rain didnt stop.

Right before the event start.

My lantern was the pink colour one

It was quite fun bcs we walked in the rain. Terasa mcm mandi hujan. HAHAHA
In the end of the celebration, got some lucky draw and for the first time in my life my number kena sbut.
U know that feeling kan HAHAHA
Anyway that's all for today entry.
Thanks for those who read :)

Road to Degree

Hello guys, I'm back. Anddd I get into university. Yeayyyy. 
It's been a hectic week for me because it was orientation week but thank God it's over last night.
Typical orientation week, less sleep, woke up early. 
But the good things was all of the fasi didnt shout at us like how the typical orientation should be.
First of all, thank you for all of the PPSL for being a good fasi for us, who guide us until now,
and treat us like an adult. Actually, I feel sorry for them, some of them didnt get to sleep because they had a lot of work to do. Anyway they did a really good job in organizing the Siswa Lestari. Thanks for all of the seniors. and congratulation to me for surviving the orientation week. 

I get accepted in USM for MD at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.
 Actually I really didn't expect it but thanks God for hearing my prayer.
Quite far away from home :((( but so far so good and i also have good roomates :)

Here is where I'm going to spend the next 5 years.  :))
Going to explore Kelantan if I have time :)

Didn't have much picture for the orientation week. 
but here is it all of the MD student for USM :)
Next week going to be induction week, so wish me luck :) 
I think that's all for now. Byeeee